We all experience this differently.

During a hard time in life, my “space” became limited. Most days, going through the motion of living was all I could accomplish. When everything seemed like a lie, I suddenly found my five senses giving me raw, powerful honesty, almost like cruelty. I became much more porous in absorbing sensory experiences. The sky looked bluer, the breeze more pleasant, the greeneries more fragrant. Yet, I knew something drained away from the “heart”, and I could do nothing but to indulge.

What used to be a scent, now a redolence.
What used to be a flavor, now an indulgence.
What used to be a sound, now a persuasion.
What used to be a touch, now a caress.
What used to be a sight, now a dream.

The senses do deceive at times, but there was never any sliver of betray​​al. Perhaps just a shift in focus.

I drew to express love, but under certain condition, that too is changeable. The intention I cling strongly to is now evaporating into a different form. Perhaps the fact that it has failed and not simply vanished, has meaning.